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The world of social media presents exciting marketing opportunities for organizations to find and engage with potential customers. Social media marketing success, however, requires constant organized effort inside an environment that changes faster than any other online space.

As a full service marketing agency, CEA delivers social media marketing expertise to our customers that need it as a standalone service, as part of a digital campaign, or integrated into a full Inbound Marketing process.

It's a big lift, and CEA is here to help.


Everything is Different and Change is Constant

Using social media to connect with an audience, build brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic requires companies to consistently publish great content, listen and respond to followers, analyze results, and augment natural activity with social media advertisements. It's a lot to do but constant effort creates the compounding results that deliver big wins.

CEA's knowledgeable, talented social media marketing staff provides our clients with the added bandwidth and industry insight they need to tackle this task.


The current major social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat, each feature unique user profiles, user cultures, and content opportunities. Alongside those, hundreds of specialty social media platforms attract interest specific user bases that are rich ground for specific target profiles.

CEA teaches our clients which social media platforms to focus their marketing efforts on to deliver volume and quality.

The ideal content strategy for successful social media marketing varies from platform to platform. Long format content performs well in some spaces while video dominates in others and still others favor photography. Not only does each platform requires a unique content strategy, but as user culture changes those strategies evolve and the performance of the platforms change relative to each other.

Take Your Live Event to the Next Level of Marketing Impact

CEA believes in capitalizing on real-time social sharing at live events.  Connecting live events to your audience leaves a lasting brand impression. Live Social Media Event Coverage enhances brand awareness and engages your audience before, during and after your event. Our goal is to increase the overall event engagement and reach far beyond the visitors of the event itself to bring in high-quality leads.

How Can Anyone Succeed at Social Media Marketing?

CEA achieves social media marketing success for our clients through organization, diligent effort, and a generous measure of creativity. Social media marketing success requires a team capable of consistently generating creative, inspiring work on a schedule.

During our social media audience-building process, CEA will:

Create, package, and present engaging content for multiple          social media platforms

Prioritize timeliness in social mediacontent publishing and          make it achievable

Set meaningful, actionable social media marketing goals

Research social media target audiences

Assess social media marketing program results and optimize        tactics

Lather, rinse, and repeat

Establish useful metrics for social media performance

Analyze the competition's social media activity

By understanding our clients' business goals, learning the behavior of their best potential customers, identifying which needles to move, and discerning how to be unique and interesting, CEA assures that the continued effort of producing quality content delivers success.

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