Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing methods make companies and organizations feel tangible to their target audiences. As ubiquitous as mobile devices and computers have become, people still spend the vast majority of their time with their eyes looking away from a screen. Even today, traditional marketing methods like billboards, in-store signage, print, broadcast, and event marketing are still often the best ways to grab specific sets of eyes.

Unlike younger digital-only agencies, CEA understands traditional marketing because our experience building effective campaigns is older than social media. CEA has been using the building blocks of traditional marketing since we opened our doors. Below are some of the tools we use to intercept our customers' target prospects in the real world.

Broadcast Advertising

Television and radio still offer some of the best reach and cost-efficiency of any advertising media. Effectively using broadcast advertising as components of an integrated marketing campaign can deliver vastly improved overall performance when compared to online-only efforts.

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Outdoor Advertising and Retail Signage

Outdoor advertising and retail signage direct traffic. Whether the signage communicates to customers inside the retail environment or to prospects in the world at large, signage creates sales. From point-of-purchase displays back through the shopping experience to inventory signs, posters and banners, storefront and sidewalk signs, street-side signs, benches, and buses, signage directs real people into and through the retail experience.

Direct Mail

Direct mail campaigns have always offered a cost-effective way to put tangible, visible offers into the hands of local potential customers. Direct mail campaigns are proven to drive people to action and with modern list technology, direct mail has the ability to put a targeted, personalized invitation directly into the hands of a potential customer.


Brochures and Flyers

The buyers journey through consideration to purchase decision-making often has many stops and starts. Brochures function as a product's placeholder in a buyers evaluation process, a sort of bookmark for an option under consideration. No digital piece performs this function as well as a tangible, tried-and-true brochure.

Print Advertising

Specialty publications are alive and well in the modern digital era and print advertising still drives traffic. Print advertising makes intercepting specific portions of a target audience by demographics and geography easy and cost effective. The tangibility and durability of print ads means advertisers get multiple impressions for a single placement. After all, passing of print media from reader to reader was the original "like and share".

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Event Marketing

From recreational events to business conferences to events created specifically to market a product or service, event marketing catches engaged, energetic eyes. Standing out in a busy environment takes skill and experience but the payoff is a marketing funnel full of prospects.

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