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The Importance of Instagram

We live in a time where keeping up with the latest trends in social media platforms goes hand in hand with keeping up with latest in marketing strategies. This is why it is pertinent to understand the influence that an Instagram account can have for your company and your brand. You may think to yourself,…

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5 Steps to Automating Your Instagram Posts

Things just got much easier when it comes to scheduling and posting Instagram posts for your brand and your clients. Hootsuite announced this week (8/10/15) that they are officially launching their Instagram stream and scheduling features. This means that you will have the luxury of being able to plan your content and images with little…

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Twitter & Instagram: Enhancing the Mobile Experience

Last month, Pinterest made an announcement that would forever change how consumers purchase online products. The Pinterest “Buy It” button allows brands to reach consumers on an entirely new level in their decision making process, increasing the probability of impulse purchases with the click of a mouse. Now, two other major social networks are following in…

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