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Meet Kelly Bosetti: CEA's lead visionary, marketing pro, and real estate expert.

National speaking engagements, premier business relationships, and running an agency are just the tip of the iceberg for CEA's chief visionary.

A graduate of Ohio University and holder of multiple advanced degrees, Kelly is a lifelong learner who plays to her strengths while inspiring her team to do the same.

Kelly's expertise in marketing strategy, inbound lead nurturing, digital advertising, and traditional marketing methods have helped CEA become an intriguing thought leader in the real estate world while nestling itself into one of marketing's most unique niches.

In a digital age where classic marketing methods have seemingly gone dark, CEA's future has never looked brighter.

With Kelly leading the charge as an advocate for both classic and cutting-edge to coexist, Kelly is reimagining real estate marketing — and embracing her thought leadership role with open arms.


For two decades, Kelly has helped move real estate marketing forward with industry insight, innovative ideas, and lead-generating content marketing.

Featured Articles by Kelly Bosetti

As more companies turn to digital marketing, traditional marketing channels have become cheaper and more accessible to businesses of all sizes. Try out these five tactics to combine traditional strategies with digital marketing to increase your reach and appeal to consumers.

In many ways, the average customer now carries the sum of all human knowledge in their pocket on their smartphones. Because of this, it’s no surprise that the buyer’s journey has undergone a fundamental shift.

For the past 20 years, I have journeyed into the lairs of countless marketers. From small startups to national corporations, what has shocked me the most is the lack of unity and communication between the sales and marketing departments.

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