Ennis Broyles

Studio Manager, Second Sol

Ennis Broyles

Ennis Broyles is the Studio Manager of Second Sol Studios. His journey from a social media assistant to the forefront of videography, culminating in his current leadership position, showcases his dedication and growth within the multimedia field. Ennis's knack for storytelling through cinematography and his ability to breathe life into diverse projects across industries like real estate, manufacturing, and fashion highlight his versatility and creative prowess.

A bit about Ennis:

  • Cinematography Expert: His expertise lies in creating visually compelling stories that captivate audiences.
  • Industry Versatility: Ennis has led projects in a variety of sectors, demonstrating his adaptability and broad skill set.
  • Creative Leadership: As the driving force of Second Sol Studios, he fosters innovation and teamwork.
  • Client Focus: He excels at understanding and fulfilling clients' visions, producing impactful multimedia content.

Ennis is all about creating wow moments and exceeding expectations with every project. With him at the helm, Second Sol Studios is on a fast track to becoming the place everyone wants to work with for anything multimedia.