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Client Spotlight:

The Gasparilla Bowl

Revitalizing a College Football Tradition


In 2009, CEA began marketing efforts for the St. Petersburg Bowl and has been teaming up ever since to ignite the newly formed Gasparilla Bowl. In 2017, CEA was tasked by ESPN Events to create an entirely new brand and new game; thus the Gasparilla Bowl was born. Working alongside ESPN Events into 2018, we moved the bowl game from its home at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg across the bay to Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Our challenge then became promoting this new event to gain support from the community and sponsors alike.


Promote a world-class event experience for the participating schools, players, and the Tampa Bay community. Showcase community partnerships including onbikes and Joy of Giving. Accelerate brand growth through social media promotion and video production. Match the intensity, fervor, and excitement of Tampa Bay’s Gasparilla culture.

What We Did - Our Campaign Execution

Through a dynamic blend of targeted social media campaigns, innovative digital marketing strategies, and engaging community events, we managed to significantly boost the visibility and appeal of the Gasparilla Bowl.

Campaign Videos

Impactful Results

  • Overall Facebook Growth: 16%, From 25k > 29k in just 8 months
  • Overall Twitter Growth: 5.2% 
  • Overall Instagram Growth: 35%

Total sales for client: 35,000 tickets sold!

The ESPN Events Gasparilla Bowl worked with CEA Marketing for the better part of 9 years. They helped us brand and rebrand the bowl approximately four times. Their vision, professionalism and execution allowed us to serve college football fans as a destination bowl in Tampa Bay. I am extremely grateful that we found CEA Marketing and Kelly Bosetti as we couldn't have accomplished our goals with out them.

Brett Dulany, ESPN and The Gasparilla Bowl


The Gasparilla Bowl campaign represents a landmark achievement in sports marketing, showcasing how targeted strategies can dramatically transform public engagement with college football events.

  • Substantial Increase in Digital Footprint: The campaign leveraged social media and digital advertising to expand its reach, significantly enhancing online engagement and interactions.
  • Strengthened Sponsorship Value: Through innovative marketing efforts, the event saw a notable surge in sponsorship interest and partnerships, highlighting the value of creative promotional tactics.
  • Record-Breaking Attendance and Revenue: The targeted approach led to unprecedented ticket sales and attendance, setting new benchmarks for the event's success and generating substantial revenue.

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