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Client Spotlight:

Trendsetter Homes

Transforming Local Ambition into National Success


Trendsetter Homes, a local builder based in Springfield, Missouri, aimed to expand its footprint and eventually franchise nationally. Seeking growth, they partnered with CEA for marketing guidance. Despite their quality craftsmanship, they faced challenges in standing out in a crowded market and lacked a cohesive brand identity to support their ambitions.


The primary goal was to elevate Trendsetter Homes' profile, becoming Springfield's top local builder and preparing for national expansion. They aimed to increase brand recognition, generate high-quality leads, and establish themselves as industry leaders in craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

What We Did - Our Campaign Execution

The campaign encompassed a multifaceted approach, including website redesign, video content creation, social media engagement, and targeted digital marketing efforts. A key component was the implementation of HubSpot inbound marketing and CRM tools for enhanced lead nurturing and sales tracking.

Campaign Videos

Impactful Results

Within a year, Trendsetter Homes witnessed a remarkable transformation. Monthly home sales surged from 8 to 18, catapulting the company to the top position among home builders in Springfield by early 2023.

  • Sales Growth: Monthly home sales jumped from 8 to 18 units.
  • Increased Website Traffic: Notable rise in website visitors, thanks to effective SEO and SEM strategies.
  • Enhanced Engagement Rates: Improved interaction across social media and email marketing channels.
  • Lead Conversion Efficiency: Better lead management and conversion through strategic CRM utilization.

Our collaboration with CEA Marketing has been a game-changer for Trendsetter Homes. Through our joint efforts and their strategic guidance, we've doubled our monthly home sales. CEA Marketing's comprehensive approach, including a digital marketing audit, strategic planning, and advanced marketing tactics, has been instrumental in our success.

Ryan Cantrell, Founder, Trendsetter Homes


CEA Marketing’s comprehensive and innovative approach was pivotal in every aspect of Trendsetter Homes' journey from a local builder to a nationally recognized brand. The agency's ability to blend strategic branding, digital prowess, and targeted content creation was key to the project's overwhelming success, demonstrating CEA's capability in steering large-scale, complex projects to fruition.

  • Strategic Rebranding and Identity Development: CEA Marketing played a crucial role in transforming Trendsetter Homes' brand image. This was a cosmetic change and a strategic repositioning to reflect the company's ambition and quality. This modernized brand was pivotal in setting the tone for Trendsetter Homes' national aspirations.
  • Digital Transformation and Website Overhaul: CEA's expertise in digital marketing was instrumental in revamping Trendsetter Homes' online presence. The agency's development of a scalable, user-friendly website set a solid foundation for the builder's expansion and online visibility, ensuring the site would serve both current needs and future growth.
  • Innovative Marketing Tactics: Utilizing advanced digital marketing strategies like SEM and GEO targeting, CEA significantly enhanced Trendsetter Homes' online footprint. This approach was key in attracting a wider audience and positioning the brand for national recognition.
  • CRM and Lead Management Integration: The implementation of HubSpot tools under CEA's guidance streamlined Trendsetter's customer relationship management. This move improved lead nurturing and provided a more sophisticated approach to managing customer interactions, which is essential for a growing national brand.
  • Video Marketing and Social Media Revitalization: CEA's creation of diverse video content and revitalization of social media strategies played a significant role in engaging potential customers and franchisees. This dynamic content strategy bolstered Trendsetter's presence across digital platforms, making the brand more relatable and accessible.
  • Email Marketing for Direct Engagement: Crafting compelling email campaigns was another area where CEA's expertise shone. These campaigns helped maintain direct engagement with prospects, enhance brand loyalty, and keep Trendsetter Homes top-of-mind among potential buyers.
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