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Client Spotlight:

Gracewater at Sarasota

Transforming Vision into Reality - A Masterful Tale of Community Development and Marketing Triumph


In Sarasota, land investors Terry Wolfram and Eldon Johnson set out to create Privada Homes, a unique custom home builder, and to develop the Gracewater at Sarasota master-planned community. Located on the west side near downtown, their goal was to infuse the area with a relaxing coastal feel. Despite hurdles like tough competition and COVID-19 delays, Terry and Eldon remained steadfast in their commitment to their coastal dream. To navigate the complexities of market demand and consumer preferences, they partnered with CEA Marketing to effectively differentiate their brand in the competitive coastal Florida market.


The primary objective was establishing Gracewater as a premier residential destination, offering custom-designed homes and unparalleled lifestyle amenities. By leveraging strategic branding and targeted marketing efforts, the goal was to generate widespread interest and drive sales conversions.

What We Did - Our Campaign Execution

A multi-faceted marketing approach was adopted, combining digital, print, and experiential tactics. A meticulously crafted interest list campaign highlighted Gracewater's prime location, easy commuting access, and community amenities. Simultaneously, digital platforms were utilized to build a robust online presence, showcasing model homes, interactive maps, and captivating lifestyle content.

Campaign Videos

Impactful Results

The Gracewater at Sarasota project achieved outstanding results. These key performance indicators (KPIs) highlight the success of a well-executed strategic approach, positioning Gracewater as a distinguished and highly sought-after project in a competitive real estate market.

  • 700+ registrations within 4 months
  • Five-month campaign generated 500 leads and 50 sales-qualified leads
  • VIP Grand Opening: Successful event welcoming 1000-person interest list
  • 200+ realtors joined the VIP Grand Opening

It's a pleasure to express my gratitude towards Kelly, whom I fondly regard as the fairy godmother of our project. She immediately recognized the possibility of transforming this location into a master-planned community of exceptional beauty and significance. We are immensely grateful for Kelly's contribution and are excited about the future of this remarkable neighborhood.

Eldon Eric Johnson, Gracewater at Sarasota


CEA Marketing's expertise and strategic acumen were pivotal at every Gracewater at Sarasota project phase. From the outset, CEA applied its deep knowledge of real estate marketing, honed over years of working with a spectrum of builders from local to national scale. This expertise was critical in navigating the unique challenges and opportunities of the Gracewater project.

  • Market Research and Strategy Development: CEA's role began with thorough market research, tapping into consumer insights and realtor focus groups to shape a robust strategy. This foundational work set the stage for all subsequent marketing efforts, ensuring they were data-driven and targeted.
  • Branding and Identity Creation: A key contribution of CEA was the development of distinct brand identities for both Gracewater and Privada Homes. This branding was not just about logos and color palettes; it was a strategic exercise to position these entities uniquely in the market, aligning with consumer desires and market gaps.
  • Digital and Traditional Marketing Integration: CEA's comprehensive approach blended digital and traditional marketing. This included digital platform development, CRM integration, and creating compelling online content alongside print materials, signage, and event marketing. CEA’s expertise in bridging the digital and physical realms was instrumental in creating a cohesive and immersive brand experience.
  • Event Planning and Execution: The VIP launch event, a major milestone for the project, was another area where CEA’s expertise shone. Their event planning and management skills ensured a successful and well-attended opening, translating the online buzz into real-world interest and sales leads.
  • Ongoing Lead Nurturing and Sales Enablement: Beyond the initial launch, CEA’s role extended to nurturing the leads generated, using a mix of digital outreach and ongoing engagement strategies. This ongoing effort ensured that interest in Gracewater was captured and cultivated toward actual sales.

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