How to Grow Your Brand’s Popularity without Sacrificing Customer Trust

Written by
CEA Marketing

Ultimately, every business wants to grow, and your business is no different. A wider customer base means a more secure livelihood, expansion opportunities, and the ability to take on more exciting and challenging projects. However, not every business masters the delicate balancing act between growth and retaining authenticity. Customers are extremely perceptive, often able to spot inconsistencies before even you can – it’s important that, as your business grows, it becomes evident to your customers that the brand in which they invested isn’t going anywhere. Read on to discover two fundamental ways in which to maintain your company values – and to continue appealing to your customer base – as your company continues to grow.

Identify Your Core Values

Sooner rather than later, outline two fundamental factors of your company: its core values, and the qualities that set it apart from competitors. Maybe you’ve been a family-owned business for years, and this differentiating quality lends itself to core values of integrity, honesty, and respect. Once you’ve determined what makes you different, and what values make you special, make sure you communicate them effectively to your customers and leads.

Don’t seek to communicate your values in an overt, trying-too-hard way; you don’t literally have to tell people your values. Rather, show your consistent commitment to your foundational qualities as a company: if honesty is an important value to you, ask your clients for feedback once a build is complete. Similarly, if respect is fundamental to your company, remain cordial when faced with angry or disrespectful interactions in front of customers. By making a commitment to your values the through-line of your growth trajectory, you’ll make it clear that although your company is going places, your foundation isn’t going anywhere.

Share Useful Information

Ultimately, clients don’t want a sales pitch; they want value. Approaching prospective clients with overly abrasive or sales-y messages, or trying to upsell paying customers on services they may not need, can come across as inauthentic or opportunistic. Instead, always aim to establish trust. If you provide clients and leads with useful information, valuable resources, and a unique insight into your company’s experience, they will be inclined to genuinely trust you – and to invest in your services.

The goal, no matter what stage of growth your business is in, is to always make your customers feel as if they gained more from you than you did from them during your interactions. By always leaving them with something they didn’t have, whether it’s material or not, you’ll have successfully achieved that goal.  
Growth is a worthwhile goal for any ambitious entrepreneur, and you are right to strive toward it. Ultimately, your long-term growth will be better served if you are able to retain the good favor of your customers; this will garner the positive reviews and recommendations that will help your business continue its growth trajectory. By identifying and sticking to your core values, all the while sharing genuinely useful services and information with your clients, you will ensure that your company’s growth trajectory is defined by both its expertise and stellar customer relationships. To learn more about growing a successful business, contact us.