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Client Spotlight:

Martin J. Hernandez, Esq.

Amplifying Legal Expertise with Innovative Marketing


Martin Hernandez is a personal injury lawyer based in Florida. He partnered with CEA Marketing and Second Sol Studios to increase awareness of his law firm and attract new clients.


The primary goal was to develop a memorable and attention-grabbing advertising campaign that would stand out, create brand awareness, and generate buzz among potential clients.

What We Did - Our Campaign Execution

We provided creative concepts and produced humorous commercials featuring Martin delivering his catchy slogan, "What The Florida, get Lawyered Up!"

Campaign Videos

Impactful Results

Martin Hernandez's unconventional and humorous advertising campaign has not just garnered significant attention for his law firm, but has also made a profound impact on creating brand awareness and generating buzz among viewers. By leveraging a mix of traditional media (TV) and digital platforms (streaming services, podcasts, & YouTube), Martin has been able to effectively communicate his message and establish a strong presence in the market, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Working with CEA Marketing and Second Sol Studios on my law firm's advertising campaign was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Thanks to the hard work and talent of the entire team, my law firm has seen a significant increase in brand awareness and client inquiries. I couldn't be happier with the results of our partnership.

Martin Hernandez, Personal Injury Lawyer


The successful partnership between Martin Hernandez, CEA Marketing, and Second Sol Studios is a testament to the power of creative, multi-platform marketing strategies in driving brand awareness and client engagement for legal services. By embracing humor and leveraging strategic media placements, Martin has not only differentiated himself in a competitive market but also successfully attracted the attention of potential clients, instilling confidence in the effectiveness of this strategy.

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