Christy Waldner

Senior Project Manager

Christy Waldner

Christy Waldner shines as the Senior Project Manager at CEA Marketing, where her unique blend of creativity and organizational prowess comes to life. Starting with a keen interest in communication and design, Christy expanded her horizons with a Master's in Business Management, concentrating on project management. Her career has blossomed through roles from Designer to Art Director, and now, she thrives in her current position. Christy's mastery of design principles coupled with her sharp project management skills allows her to streamline operations and lead projects to victory in diverse fields.

Get to know Christy:

  • Creative and Organized: A rare combo that Christy balances perfectly, ensuring projects are not only successful but also innovative.
  • Educational Foundation: Her solid background in both design and business management underpins her comprehensive approach to project leadership.
  • Versatile Career Path: Christy's progression through various creative roles showcases her adaptability and drive.
  • Lifelong Learner: Beyond the office, she’s all about exploring new horizons, whether it's diving into piano lessons or conquering the French language.

Christy's mix of creativity, efficiency, and a zest for continuous learning makes her an invaluable asset to CEA Marketing. Her leadership ensures projects not only meet but exceed expectations, all while she keeps pushing her own boundaries, adding layers to her already impressive skill set.