Kelly Bosetti Primeau

Founder, CEO

Kelly Bosetti Primeau

Kelly Bosetti Primeau is the pioneering spirit behind CEA Marketing and Second Sol Studios, wearing multiple hats as a Fractional CMO and a seasoned marketing consultant. With over two decades of experience, Kelly's journey is marked by her foundational role in establishing CEA Marketing as a top Tampa Bay agency and one of the leading women-owned businesses in the area. Her expertise has guided numerous multi-million dollar businesses towards marketing excellence, earning her a plethora of national, regional, and local awards. Kelly's commitment extends beyond professional accolades; she is dedicated to empowering businesses and leaders to navigate and excel in the complex marketing landscape, always with a focus on creating lasting impact and growth. Her approach is holistic, blending strategic insights with a deep passion for marketing, teaching, and continuous learning.

More About Kelly:

  • Visionary Leader: Kelly's foresight and guidance have been pivotal in shaping CEA's success.
  • Marketing Excellence: A proven track record with numerous awards in national and regional marketing campaigns.
  • Empowering Educator: Dedicates her expertise to mentoring businesses and individuals in effective marketing strategies.
  • Continuous Learner: Advocates for ongoing personal and professional development, as seen in her pursuit of new skills and knowledge.
  • Digital Marketing Authority: With certifications in Adobe, Google, and Hubspot, she's well-versed in the digital sphere.

Kelly's blend of strategic insight, passion for marketing, and commitment to teaching is the driving force behind her successful leadership and CEA’s growth.