Tom Cristello

Operations Manager

Tom Cristello

Tom Cristello, the Operations Manager & Creative Services Specialist at CEA, is a cornerstone of creativity and operational excellence. His journey in the arts and marketing began at the esteemed Ducret School of Art in New Jersey, followed by further studies in Marketing, Art, and Design at Middlesex County College. Tom’s career took off in the NJ/NY region, where he honed his skills with large-scale printers and ad agencies, before moving to Florida and diversifying his portfolio as an art director for magazines and a successful freelancer, boasting high-profile Tampa Bay clients.

Tom’s world at CEA:

  • Artistic Roots: Grounded in solid art education, Tom brings an artist’s eye to every project.
  • Marketing Maverick: His background in marketing ensures that creativity meets strategy.
  • Diverse Experience: From print to digital, Tom’s wide-ranging experience makes him adept at tackling any challenge.
  • Digital Dynamo: Whether it’s launching digital campaigns, capturing the perfect shot, or crafting websites, Tom’s your guy.
  • Continued Learning: His certifications in Adobe, Google, and Hubspot underscore his commitment to staying at the forefront of digital trends.

Tom’s role at CEA is emblematic of a true blend between artistic vision and strategic execution. His passion for collaboration and innovation drives him to manage large projects with a keen eye for detail and creativity, making him an invaluable asset in the digital marketing and graphic design realms.