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Client Spotlight:

Express Mortgage

Transforming the Mortgage Market


Express Mortgage, a Trendsetter Homes subsidiary, envisioned a fresh era in mortgage solutions, emphasizing excellence in expertise, professionalism, responsiveness, efficiency, sensitivity, and simplicity. Their goal was to make a noteworthy mark in the mortgage market. With the aim of leveraging their parent company's esteemed reputation and extensive experience, they aimed to establish a brand known for its uniqueness and trustworthiness. To do this, they teamed up with CEA Marketing, a firm deeply familiar with Trendsetter Homes' brand and boasting decades of marketing expertise.


The primary goal was to devise a robust market entry strategy for Express Mortgage's inaugural twelve months, aiming to achieve an impressive target: securing $21 million within Trendsetter Homes (50%) by 2023, supplemented by an additional 20% outside of TSH, to reach an ambitious total of $25 million.

What We Did - Our Campaign Execution

By prioritizing client needs and delivering compelling messaging across various channels, the campaign kicked off with a variety of strategies to push Express Mortgage into the limelight. Each step was carefully planned to leave a lasting impression on the mortgage market, from crafting a unique brand identity to displaying a wide range of loan products.

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Impactful Results

CEA Marketing's collaboration with Express Mortgage yielded remarkable outcomes. By leveraging innovative strategies and a deep understanding of the market, Express Mortgage was positioned as a trusted and preferred lender within the Trendsetter Homes community and a broader audience. The focus on personalized service and comprehensive support throughout the loan transaction process significantly enhanced customer satisfaction. Furthermore, there were notable improvements in website traffic and engagement metrics, indicating a growing interest and trust in Express Mortgage's services.


CEA Marketing's unwavering dedication and expertise were pivotal in shaping Express Mortgage's trajectory in the fiercely competitive mortgage market. From crafting a distinct brand identity to executing a meticulous market entry strategy, our team propelled Express Mortgage into the limelight. Through innovative digital marketing and seamless collaboration, we exceeded expectations, solidifying Express Mortgage's position as a trusted industry leader.

  • Strategic Brand Creation: Crafted an impactful brand identity for Express Mortgage, aligning with its core values and objectives.
  • Comprehensive Market Entry Strategy: Developed and executed a meticulous plan to establish Express Mortgage as a prominent player in the mortgage market.
  • Innovative Digital Marketing: Leveraged cutting-edge digital marketing strategies to increase brand visibility and engagement.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Fostered a seamless partnership between Express Mortgage and Trendsetter Homes, enhancing overall business synergy.
  • Exceptional Customer Experience: Prioritized personalized service and comprehensive support, resulting in high customer satisfaction ratings.
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